(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Combustible material
1. fuel, firing, combustible; inflammable, burnable; ignite; fossil fuel; solar, nuclear, etc. energy. See heat, power.
2. peat, turf; [bituminous, soft, anthracite, hard, buckwheat, grate, lignite, brown, glance, or cannel] coal, coal dust, culm, coke, charcoal, briquette; oil, kerosene, petroleum, [leaded, regular, hi-test, premium, white, or unleaded] gasoline, petrol, diesel fuel, jet fuel; [ethyl] alcohol, ethanol, ethyl gasoline; canned heat, paraffin; [natural] gas (see vapor); firewood, kindling, fagot, log; cinder, embers; atomic or nuclear fuel, plutonium, uranium.
3. (material for starting a fire) tinder, punk, amadou, touchwood; [fire]brand, torch; fuse, detonator, cap; spill, wick, [safety or friction] match, flint, [cigar, cigarette, or butane] lighter; candle.
Verbs — fuel, furnish with fuel; refuel; feed, fire, stoke.
Adjectives — fuel, combustible, inflammable, burnable; fiery; gas-powered, nuclear-powered, etc.
Phrases — add fuel to the flames.
Antonyms, see incombustibility.
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. liquid propellant, solid propellant, combustible, firing material, fossil fuel, energy source, ammunition.
Types of fuel include: coal, coke, charcoal, anthracite, bituminous coal, peat, slack, stoker coal, stove coal, lump coal, lignite, brown coal, carbon, briquette, turf, cordwood, firewood, log, faggot, kindling, slabs, blocks, waste products, furze, timber, touchwood, crude oil, fuel oil, gas, natural gas, artificial gas, gasoline, petroleum, diesel fuel, gasohol, ethanol, propane, kerosene, paraffin, alcohol, petrol (British); see also wood 2 . v.
Syn. supply with fuel, stoke, feed, service, fill up, fire, kindle, gas*, tank up*, gas up*, fuel up*.
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
combustible, gas, oil, propellant, wood, kindling, coal.
charge, stoke, fire, fan, *tank up, feed, nourish.
ANT.: extinguish, quench, dampen

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